About us

Explore a new way of travelling with New Zealand Rowing Tours. As a dedicated tourism rowing team, we have plenty of great experience along with rowing options – in the best hidden spots of the South Island of New Zealand.  Join one of our guided tours and get ready for an unforgettable experience. We look after individuals, couples or groups.

We’d love to meet you on our beautiful waterways and lakes.

Our Mission

NZ Rowing Tours plans and delivers high quality rowing tours and beach-sprint events. We sell quality rowing skiffs built to handle rough water conditions safely. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and sense of adventure that we use to provide unforgettable experiences for our rowers.

Our Values

  • Integrity,
  • Safety,
  • Fun,
  • Competition,
  • Growth and Lifestyle

The Team

Sally Knight

NZ Rowing tours

Sally is a born organiser and has been rowing for years. She is active in the Nelson Rowing Club, and is a regular volunteer all around the course at national regattas. She and Phil both have other boating experience prior to becoming rowers, with motorboat and kayaking experience in the Top of the South Island.

​Sally looks after:

Rowers as the Tour Manager
PR & Marketing
Liaising with customers, suppliers & providers




Kevin Strickland

New Zealand Rowing tours

Kevin has been around rowing in NZ for a long time, including working for NZ Rowing as Domestic Rowing Manager for over 10 years. He is actively involved in Nelson Rowing Club.

Kevin looks after:

Safety & Weather decisions
Swift Boat Sales


Phil Knight

New Zealand Rowing Tours

Phil was the first Coastal rower in the Nelson region, when he bought a Coastal single to allow him to row in less-than-perfect conditions. He quickly discovered that Coastal rowing is great fun. Fast forward a few years – we have a fleet of Coastal rowing boats, and are running tours and events around the South Island. Phil is a member of the Nelson Rowing Club, and a qualified NZ Race Official.

Phil looks after:
Account Management





Trisha Strickland

Trisha is a keen rower, also in Nelson Rowing Club with experience in long-distance rowing. Kevin and Trisha have both rowed the Canal du Midi and Hoea Kaha (a multiday race on the Waikato River, NZ), and regularly include rowing outings on their travels to see family and friends around the world.

Trisha looks after: