Beach Sprint Racing

We recently worked with the Nelson Rowing Club to host a Beach Sprint Racing event at Rabbit Island. So much FUN!

Rabbit Island is perfect for Beach Sprints. It is a big straight beach, ideal to set up two parallel courses. Launching and landing the boats is relatively safe for both the boats and the bodies, due to the gentle slope and sandy surface.

At our winter event we had rowers from four Clubs in the top of the South Island, and mixed everyone up. The eight crews were organised into a round robin event, and with crew member ages ranging from 15 to 65, everyone had a great day out.

.Two quads launch      Dismount

There are two types of Coastal rowing events in the FISA World Champs circuit – beach sprints and long distance. The two events are different from each other, and totally different again from regular 2km flat water racing. Coastal Rowing events are growing in Asia and Europe. We travelled to China and Hong Kong in 2019 to watch the World Champs in both events, and we can see great opportunities for growing these within NZ.

This 4 minute video (FISA: The “wilder cousin”. Coastal Rowing under the spotlight) gives a really good overview of the two events.

The next Nelson Rowing Club Beach Sprints event is planned for November 8, at Rabbit Island.  Visitors are welcome – email us to register your interest.