Testimonials and Feedback

Such a success

Thank you so much for all you did to make the tour happen, and such a success. It was my first experience of coastal rowing, but hopefully won’t be my last. And thanks for showing us what a treasure the north of the South Island is.

Susan, Australia

I had a fabulous time

I want to thank you for this great week. I really enjoyed it. I hope I can join a future tour because I had a fabulous time.

Judie, Netherlands

A very well organised tour

What wonderful memories I have of a wonderful country, fabulous hospitality and a very well organised tour.

Bev, Australia

You’ll have the time of your life

I know it says rowing tours on the ticket, but I think you’ll find that by the time you’ve rowed a while, dined a lot, made a few new friends and taken in a bit more scenery, that you will have had the time of your life.

Philip, New Zealand

The best ever

in terms of organisation and scenery  

World Rowing 2019

such a fun weekend

Thank you for organising such a fun weekend with like minded people.

Peter, New Zealand

I am thinking back on our good rowing days.

Thank you for a very good tour. I remember your fantastic supporter team, who – with great enthusiasm – made everything go very smoothly in your beautiful country.

Leon, Denmark

Second to none

Thank you for the great work you did organising and managing our tour. It was a fabulous effort and the rows, scenery and hospitality were second to none.

Peter, Australia

so much more did you manage to show us

Thank you so much for the magnificent experience you gave us. The rowing was great, but so much more did you manage to show us of the past and present culture of your beautiful country, the food and drink and hospitality.

Ulla, Denmark

one of my best holidays ever

You guys are a great fun bunch, I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you, I so much enjoyed being amongst you hospitable people. This has been one of my best holidays ever.

Anita, Australia

an adventure now planted in my memory.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend and an adventure now planted in my memory. Thank you for sharing Marlborough with me.

Mark, New Zealand

What a treat it was.

Thank you for that wonderful rowing weekend. Fantastically organised and such fun in that gorgeous location. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and keen to have a good time! What a treat it was.

Jane, New Zealand