Tour Packages

Select from one of our 4 exciting tours, ranging between 1 – 7 days, where you get the opportunity to get close to New Zealand’s stunning natural environment and to enjoy the experience with local people. Along with the adventure of a lifetime, you will leave with a sense of all New Zealand has to offer in terms of rowing, tourism, food, wine and culture. You’ll also leave with lifetime memories and new friends.

The wonderful thing about travelling in NZ, is that everything is close. So you get to see a lot without travelling far. In fact, we call Nelson Region (top of the South Island) the ‘5 minute wonder’ – 5 mins to the beach, 5 mins to rivers, 5 mins to the coast, 5 mins to mountains, 5 mins to vineyards, 5 mins to National Park ….. it’s just so easy to get around. The Southern Lakes corner of New Zealand has achieved legendary status for its superb scenery – its simply stunning throughout all seasons.

The tour price includes equipment, luxury accommodation, breakfast, lunches and most evening meals along with road transfers once on tour. Your personal cost is alcohol & other beverages. We’ve got your safety in mind by using Swift Coxed Coastal Quads, known for their safety, comfort and stability. It’s also about a shared experience – so everyone takes a turn at coxing.

We are setting the benchmark in providing quality, safe adventures; respecting the local environment and culture.

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