What should I wear?

For rowing, we recommend layers. Row suit or tights, a t-shirt, a layer or two of light merino or thermal. Bring a light, snug-fitting jacket to wear in the rowboat. A woollen hat (beanie), and a cap. And water-shoes or sea-shoes are ideal, as you will get wet feet as you get in and out of the boat. Some beaches are gravel or stones, so bare feet is not ideal. Be prepared to get wet to the knees, so tights that you can roll up are ideal.

And bring gloves. Although your hands may be well conditioned for rowing, you will be using our oars rather than your usual ones, and they will probably rub differently. Bike gloves or rowing gloves might save you a lot of trouble.

Off water we are a casual crowd, but again, bring layers and a warm jacket.